700 TVL cameras

Overview of State-of-the-Art




Today, modern society is riddled with one major problem, crime, and it seems to be an issue that is difficult to alleviate. However, modern society granted us one of man’s greatest trump card, technology, more specifically, digital technology. Security 360 Cameras; located at 4332 Watt Ave Sacramento, California 95821, United Sates of America; utilizes this pinnacle of humankind’s achievements in the form ofsecurity surveillance equipment. Security 360 Cameras has California, and by extension, provides a security video surveillance service nationwide! We have installed security cameras for government, commercial and retail clients, so you can be confident that your security is in capable hands. Our mission is to protect you (from those bent on disturbing your peace; we don’t mean your in-laws), and provide the best possible customer service experience. In an effort to accomplish this, here’s a quick overview of some state-of-the-art security surveillance equipment; the best part is they are available from Security 360 Cameras. They include the 700 TVL cameras, HD-SDI cameras, HD-SDI DVR,D1 recording and 960HDVR. Let’s examine these technologies.


I See You, Thanks to: 700 TVL Cameras


These cameras are phenomenal pieces of technology. They offer one of the highest first person view (FPV) video quality available on the market today. This turning micro FPVcameraconsiders video surveillance as serious business, as serious as you consider the safety your possessions and more importantly, your family. Do yourself a favour and check out our 700 TVL cameras, you will be glad you did (your in-laws may not).



Smile, You’re on Our HD-SDI Cameras


Do you remember the days of standard definition video quality? No, well that’s great, because the HD-SDI cameras will ensure it stays that way. It uses studio video broadcast serial digital interface(SDI) technology, running at 1.5Gbps per camera to capture unprecedented full high-definition (HD) 1080p video. You will capture everything with these cameras (even the dog eating your homework)and the best part is you can purchase them at Security 360 Cameras.


Recorders Don’t Lie, Especially the HD-SDI DVR


An extremely accurate statement about our HD-SDI DVR, its technical specifications does not allow it to lie! Similar to itscounterpart, the HD-SDI cameras, this digital video recorder (DVR) uses studio video broadcastSDI technology, running at 1.5Gbps per camera to record full HD 1080p video. Think about it, with this at your side, you will have all the evidence you need to bring criminals to justice (without the need for super heroes).



The Power of D1 Recording

A general rule about DVRs is that the higher the resolution the lower the frame rate, which inadvertently means that your recordings will be of very low quality. However, D1 recording enabled devices possess a powerful microprocessor, resulting in D1 resolution being the highest resolution that a DVR can record. Where can I get a D1 recording device you ask? At Security 360 Cameras of course, you’ll be glad you did!




All I Need is a 960H DVR

In keeping with the power and efficiency D1 recording offers, the 960HDVR exploits that technology to the fullest. This DVR is the mother of all DVRs. Boastfully it features; full D1 resolution recording, all in real-time (240 fps – 8 Channel / 480 fps – 16 Channel); Smart Search; looping outputs; high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI); DVD-RW; external serial ATA(eSata) back-up plus disk mirroring; and an internal storage capacity of up to eight terabytes(TB). An extremely technologically advanced, making it a great investment for your business or even your home. Quality really meets performance with this Mona Lisa of DVRs!



Technology is rapidly advancing; the 700 TVL cameras, HD-SDI cameras, HD-SDI DVR, D1 recording and 960HDVR testifies to this fact. Technology is fast becoming; if not already; more and more essential to our daily lives. In fact, it can even save our lives, as in the case of state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment from Security 360 Cameras, where your satisfaction is our delight.